Nearby Finder



Nearby Finder Android apps is for your City which will acting as a guide for you it is designed to help people by searching for nearby places. It displays places near to user’s current location based on their selected category.
Auto detects position or Static position and finds the nearest data depends on user position. Then it is showing data with sorting by distance. Note: This app works only when device is connected to the internet and if your GPS is on.
Either it be dinner, coffee or even drinks, Near By Finder will provide you with all the available places near you, with details for each and every one of them.
Nearby Finder is also a great navigation tool to take on a vacation as you can find your way around an unfamiliar city. Also calculates the route towards your selected destination, so that it will be easier to find.
Key Features:
1. Around 100 categories are available.
2. Locates your phone with GPS and then provides you with the top local searches nearby so you can find where you need to go.
3.NearBy Finder works worldwide.
4.Get driving directions with map with estimated time and distance.
5.View contact details, address, distance and location of each place.
6.Display search results in list.
7.Can view all the places in map.
Nearby Finder helps you find places in the following categories, Enjoy!